Invoice Validation services:

Utility invoice management is a crucial part of today’s administration processes to ensure accuracy of bills and payments within any organisation. Our Team have the latest technology software with over 75 point item checks carried out on contracts and invoices. This can be adopted into any multi-site organisation to ensure your billing is correct for the full duration of the contract term.

Billing can be checked for all utilities including Gas, Electricity and Water running fully automated reporting functions at a multi-point level bespoke to the customer requirements.

These practices ensure maximum efficiency’s and piece of mind for your organisation.

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Retrospective Billing Audits:

Across the utilities industry, anomalies and overcharges can typically sit between 8- 12 % on discrepancies. As we deal with suppliers daily, we have established relationships to quickly resolve any historic billing errors. Our service includes a fully recover audit going back 6 years with the suppliers and delivering you a full audited report.

Budgets and Forecasting:

We calculate annual, rolling budget and forecast reports at an aggregated position to produce a single budget figure for each utility. We factor in future price changes such as non-commodity charge changes and market outlooks beyond the end of current supply contracts. Trip wires can be set, and exception reporting is also available.